The Brunching Shuttlecocks Quizzes

The Hazzard County Driver's Test

1. When a police car approaches you from the rear, lights flashing, you should:

pull over to the side of the road and stop until it has passed.
change lanes to give it the right-of-way.
yell "Yeee-haaa!" and floor it.

2. When driving in dangerous conditions or inclement weather, you should:

be especially careful to observe the speed limit.
drive more slowly than the speed limit, if conditions so merit.
yell "Yeee-haaa!" and floor it.

3. When approaching a railroad crossing, you should:

stop if there are red lights flashing.
slow down and exercise caution even if there are no lights flashing.
yell "Yeee-haaa!" and floor it.

4. If you are involved in an accident, you are required by law to:

stop and exchange insurance information with the others involved.
immediately place a call to a local law enforcement agency.
yell "Yeee-haaa!" and floor it.

5. At an intersection controlled by stoplights, a green arrow indicates that you may:

make a protected turn.
proceed only if there are no other cars waiting.
yell "Yeee-haaa!" and floor it.

6. If a child under four is riding in the car with you, you must:

make sure that he or she is sitting and wearing a seatbelt.
make sure that he or she is sitting in an approved crash-safety seat.
yell "Yeee-haaa!" and floor it.

7. The blood-alcohol limit for legal driving is:

0.10 percent.
0.08 percent.
yell "Yeee-haaa!" and floor it.

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