The Brunching Shuttlecocks Generators

One thing we've discovered in looking over Tina the Troubled Teenager's foster homes on the Web is that nothing jazzes up a goth site -- to the extent that a goth site can be said to be "jazzed" -- like a depressing, self-absorbed, and/or morbid quote in a nice red font. The problem is that with the current expansion of goth culture, soon all Anne Rice books, Coleridge poetry, and Cure lyrics will be sucked dry (as it were) leaving no quotes for future Web pages, vampire-themed literary anthologies, and roleplaying game supplements.

To stave off this sad time, we've created the Random Goth Quote Generator, which will obligingly churn out quotes for our nation's mascara-wearing, black-lace-enshrouded masses as long and as often as needed. May the peace of the grave be yours always, or something like that.

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