The Brunching Shuttlecocks Good or Bad

Those of you who have spent some time with us before are familiar with this. For those of you who have been, up until now, frittering your lives away -- some with actual fritters -- here's how it works. The button below will present you with a list of stuff we need to pass judgement on, because that's the sort of people we are. You simply go down the list and say whether you consider each thing to be "good" or "bad." Don't mistake this for an opinion poll, though, because what you, our readers decide will most likely be taken as the unequivocal truth for all time.

Update: Judgement is now closed. Look upon the truth, ye mighty, and whatever.



(3489) The element of surprise
(3120) Clouds
(1168) All-in-one remote controls
(777) Big plastic bins of sidewalk chalk
(687) Reading personals ads just to see what people are looking for these days
(494) Blimps
(411) Elaborate carpet-covered structures for cats to play on
(400) Cartoons where someone uses vanishing cream to disappear
--------- The Line of Truth --------
(-173) Canned tuna
(-438) Jamabalaya
(-1858) Trackballs
(-2016) Lemon scented things that don't contain actual lemons
(-2575) Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts
(-2653) The phrase "totally stoked"
(-2822) Dick Grayson
(-3088) Community college classes where, first thing, the teacher has everyone go around in a circle and introduce him or herself


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