The Brunching Shuttlecocks Good or Bad

This went pretty well last time, so we're going in for round two.

You're going to help us pass some judgements. Respond using the form below, and as before, when we shut down the voting, anything that ends up above the line is good, anything below is bad, until Oroborous sends out for pizza.

Update: Voting is over. Thank you for your truth.



(313) Trees
(187) Headphones
(123) That one picture taken after World War Two where a sailor is kissing some lady
(101) Crayon sharpeners built into the box
(88) Cork
(53) Canned soup
(45) New sweaters
--------- The Line of Truth --------
(-37) The word "boisterous"
(-57) Crunchberries
(-68) Those new $100 bills with the huge Benjamin Franklin head
(-78) Those frilly toothpicks they stick in sandwiches
(-124) Quickdraw McGraw
(-128) Jokes about guys who walk into bars with some sort of animal
(-135) Two-axis, four-button joysticks
(-259) Novelty "Wanted" posters
(-313) Mary Worth comics


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