The Brunching Shuttlecocks Good or Bad

Okay. Enough with the namby-pamby opinion polls. Enough with the bad interactive fiction, the endless Valhalla of debate that is Usenet, the careful juxtaposition of opinion against opinion. If you're like us -- and who isn't -- you're looking for some good old fashioned value judgements, Internet style.

What we've got for you is a list of things that you may come across in your own life from time to time. We don't care what you think about these things, we want you to answer one simple question: are they good, or bad?

Keep in mind, these aren't shades of grey. When and if we shut down the voting, anything that ends up above the line is good, anything below is bad, forever and ever, deal.

Note: as of 5 December 1997, voting has been shut down. What you see below are the final results.



(320) Second helpings
(239) Gold
(191) Moist towelettes
(89) Yelling "moo" at cows along the highway
(14) Moss
--------- The Line of Truth --------
(-12) The word "tarnation"
(-29) Felt-tip markers that smell like fruit
(-40) Pez dispensers shaped like trucks
(-109) That song in "Dumbo" about how the jive-talking crows have never seen an elephant fly
(-150) Seagulls
(-155) Kids these days
(-158) Looking out the window on a rainy day and trying to remember the names of old lovers
(-159) Girls named "Mo" or "Sal" who wear overalls and always have a novel with them
(-249) That weird soda with the balls floating in it
(-289) Goober Grape
(-298) Guys at parties doing Captain Kirk impressions


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