The Brunching Shuttlecocks Quizzes

Are You Horny?

1. Are you thinking about someone you had sex with, once, three years ago, at a party, in a different state, and wondering what happened to this person and maybe you should give them a call or something?

2. Do you find yourself browsing cable channels and stopping just a little bit longer than usual on stations that might conceivably show sexy people in very little clothing, such as MTV, HBO, and The Weather Channel during a hot spell?

3. Do there seem to be a lot more joggers around all of the sudden?

4. Do you spend a few seconds staring into the window of one of those bakeries that sells erotic pastries before realizing, no, they're just regular pastries?

5. Is the soap bar in the shower getting smaller much more quickly than usual?

6. Does the song "Me So Horny" now strike you as a sensitive look into the human condition?

7. In the scenes between Anakin and Amidala in Attack of the Clones, do you sense any eroticism, passion, or sensuality whatsoever?

8. Is the Brunching symbol starting to look pretty good to you?

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