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Wacky But True Laws

[ Wacky Vehicular Manslaughter ]

In Bowman, California, a person can be arrested for VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER!

[ Wacky Officer Impersonation ]

In Port William, Ohio, it is against the law to IMPERSONATE A POLICE OFFICER!

[ Wacky Breaking and Entering ]

In Cary, North Carolina, the law forbids both "BREAKING" and "ENTERING"!

[ Wacky Bootlegging ]

In Boise, Idaho, it is unlawful to sell ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES without a LICENSE!

[ Wacky Sex With the Dead ]

In Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, one can be arrested for having SEX with a CORPSE!

[ Wacky Murder ]

In Ambrose, Georgia, it is illegal to kill your SPOUSE and CHILDREN, even if you turn the gun on YOURSELF afterwards!

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