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Are you under a lot of stress? Feel like you've been backed into a corner? We at the National Stress Institute want you to know that these are sure signs that you're going to die.

Stress kills more people every year than car accidents and cancer combined, and if you're one of the hundreds of millions of Americans suffering from stress, you're probably as good as dead already. You can be sure that your muscles, bones, and internal organs are slowly breaking down under the enormous pressures of the daily hell you put yourself through, leading you inexorably towards a lingering and painful death that will leave your family destitute long after you've given yourself up to the welcome embrace of oblivion.

Is there any hope? Perhaps. Studies show that Stress-Related Death Syndrome has a chance, however slight, of being averted by removing all stress from your life. If you can cling to this straw of hope and abandon all your responsibilities, ignoring the irreparable financial and social damage this will do, you may be able to slow your slide into the grave for a few more years.

A Healthful Hint from the National Stress Council

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