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The Star Trek Universe once again explodes into action on UPN this fall with Star Trek: File This, the adventures of a group of clerical workers in the Internal Requisitions Department of Starfleet's Bureau of Resource Management and Allocation!

Character Guide:

Rick Fenwick Assistant Undersecretary Rich Fenwick, the IRD's dashing and obsessively efficient Department Head.
M'Nolta Eris M'Nolta Eris, the half-Romulan, quarter-Vulcan, one-eighth-Bajoran office manager, whose cold exterior belies a heart of utter aloofness.
Nigel Walter Nigel "Lucky" Walter, the Welsh filing clerk whose endearing accent justifies his flat characterization and lack of coherent motivation.
Boolooip Boolooip, a lump of semi-sentient putty that doesn't actually do anything but which can't be fired.
Rex Altkey Rex Altkey, a known renegade who was relieved of his previous duty for having restocked the stylus cabinet in a reckless and inappropriate manner.
Renna Harris Renna Harris, an actress who will quit the series halfway through the first season when she realizes this ain't exactly Dostoevsky.
Join them as they protect the universe from threats of misappropriated resources and poorly routed supply orders on Star Trek: File This!

Program Guide:

Episode One, "Who Would Fardels Bear?"
A malevolent alien of immense intelligence appears in the Internal Requisitions Department offices, and the staff must refer it to the department that can save the universe!
Episode Two, "The Requisition"
An order for an emergency restocking of phaser alignment field tuning rods arrives without a routing number, and it's up to the IRD staff to track down the original requisition.
Episode Three, "The Sabbatical Factor"
Everything goes pretty smoothly and the staff kicks off early.
Episode Four, "Sword of Damocles"
Department Head Fenwick must decide whether to violate the Really Important Directive and allow a shipment release form to go through without re-authorization, or block the shipment and risk setting off a major interdepartmental incident.
Episode Five, "Duck Duck Goose"
Deep Space Nine's Odo makes a guest appearance as he tries to track down a missing cargo of moist towelettes with the help of the IRD staff. But all is not as it seems!

Star Trek: File This begins this fall on UPN:
Where Trying to Build a Whole Network Around One Show Probably Wasn't Such a Great Idea.
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