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Well, with the baseball season over and the basketball players negotiating for a contract that includes worldwide diplomatic immunity and a free cone at Baskin-Robbins on their birthday no matter how old they are, those of you who care more about the exploits of ball players than, for example, the functioning of your own internal organs may have to turn to some of America's less well-followed team sports to give you reason to live.

To prepare you for this eventuality, we've put together this little quiz that challenges you to identify which two teams of the following groups of three actually exist, and which were made up in an attempt to make you look ignorant. So grab a light beer and a Nitrate Dog and have at it.

Remember, select the fake.

1. Arena Football

Andover Ogres
Albany Firebirds
Portland Forest Dragons


2. Roller Hockey

Los Angeles Blades
Plymouth Pucks
Ottawa Wheels


3. Minor League Baseball

Santa Fe Lizards
Sioux Falls Canaries
Hammonton Blueberries


4. Major League Soccer

Chicago Fire
Dallas Burn
Orlando Blaze


5. Minor League Hockey

Lowell Lock Monsters
Willamette Werewolves
Philadelphia Phantoms


6. Women's Basketball

Sacramento Slam
Charlotte Sting
Detroit Shock

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