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Millions of dollars are spent each year on products with names like "Hugo" and "Acqua Di Gio": expensive water that smells like flower sweat. We don't really see the appeal in smelling like flower sweat; we'd just be happy if fewer people standing next to us smelled like people sweat.

Which brings us to our point. Perhaps the ever-so-compelling design behind the designer clothing and cologne ads that infest magazines like P.O.V. can be turned towards public service: if you can convince people to blow wads on perfume, surely you can convince even social maladroits to change their shirts at least once every couple weeks.

Toward that end, we present the following works of consumer art. Give the URLs to someone you know who needs the nudge. Print them out and tack them up outside your cube. Maybe together we can make the world a better place.

[ Poster One ]

[ Poster Two ]

[ Poster Three ]

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