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The Brunching Shuttlecocks Guide to Choosing a Password

Use passwords that are difficult to guess, like "fr349U@br7". In fact, you might want to just copy and paste that one.

It's perfectly fine to use the name of your pet or child as a password. However, for the sake of security, make sure the names of all your pets and children contain several non-alphanumeric characters.

In case someone does manage to crack your password, consider making it something flattering, like "sexxgodd!" or "9hardINCHES".

Never write your password down. Instantly commit every single one of the dozen or so passwords you use to memory, then never forget any of them even if you don't use one for a few months.

Change your password at frequent intervals. Yeah, right.

Hey, wait! What if you just used the word "password" for your password? It's like hiding in plain sight! God, you're clever.

Genius-IQ thirteen-year-olds can guess any password. Kill them on sight.

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