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The Oral Sex Donation System

While advertising as a form of support for independent Web sites has proven about as effective as sugar-frosted dental floss, the Web still manages to serve as a massively multiplayer open mic night for many the aspiring writer/artist/poet/revolutionary. The reason for this is simple: money and fame have historically been a less powerful motivator for creative types than the prospect of receiving oral sex -- or at the very least, offers of oral sex -- from total strangers.

That's why we at the Brunching Shuttlecocks are introducing the Oral Sex Donation System. We believe that, by making it easy for donators of oral sex and recipients of oral sex to reach each other, we can guarantee the continuing creative vitality of the Web.

Do you want your site to participate in the Oral Sex Donation System? Really really? Simply fill out the form below and we'll provide you with a link graphic and the HTML to allow your readers to provide what really motivates you.

Your name:
Your e-mail address:
Your Web site name:
Your Web site URL: http://
You want to receive:  fellatio

Note: we will be mailing you oral sex offers at the e-mail address you provide. We will not give out your e-mail or use it for any purpose other than that or communicating with you about the Oral Sex Donation System. We will, however, display the name you give to potential donors.

Want to see the Oral Sex Donation System in action? You can use the button below. Provided purely for demonstration purposes, of course.

Oral Sex Donations Accepted

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