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The Internet, as we all know, provides many incredible new ways to communicate, most of which are staticky, confusing, or lacking in the sort of verbal subtlety that prevents fistfights. The ensuing misunderstandings have created a yawning maw of need for an equally technologically impressive way of not communicating.

Well, if The Brunching Shuttlecocks aren't all about filling yawning maws, we don't know what we're all about. Toward that end, we have created NotMail, an e-mail forwarding service designed so that you can let people know you're not talking to them without actually having to tell them yourself.

Just enter your name and e-mail address below, so that your recipient will know exactly who's not sending the mail. Add your recipient's e-mail address and, optionally, a message telling them what you'd be telling them if you were speaking to them which you're not, and we'll deliver the news. Smoldering grudges were never this easy!

(We of course won't be keeping anyone's e-mail address. The mail gets sent and the addresses never touch our hard drives, so we couldn't share them even if we wanted to which we don't. So you can rest assured that only you will be annoying your friends.)

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