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Has this happened to you? You're lost on a mountaintop in inclement weather with no way of contacting civilization. Etiquette demands that you resort to cannibalism, but nobody is dead! What can you do?

The answer is simple with Man Meals from Eat'Em Foods. Each savory, easy-to-prepare meal contains a generous portion of the finest human body parts. From Chicken-Fried Thigh with peas and peach cobbler to Finger Fingers with mashed potatoes and a brownie, all our Man Meals are delicious, whether cooked in an oven, microwave, or over a hastily constructed signal fire. They're so tasty you may even want to let the wounded live!

Man Meals: Your First Choice When It Comes To Your Last Resort

[ Good News, Jim. Man Meals are so nutritious and easy to prepare that we've decided not to shoot you for protein. ]
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