The Brunching Shuttlecocks Good or Bad

And here we are, back with another venerable Brunching tradition. (The other traditions being "Making fun of seventies TV shows" and "Not updating the mail page often enough.") Here, as always, you and those close to you get to decide whether the following items are "good" or "bad," thus entitling us to squash those who disagree with the results like so many snacktime grapes.

Update: Voting is closed. Truth rings out. Or something.



(1472) Back massages
(1060) Spiral staircases
(979) Hammers
(915) Multi-purpose blank labels
(688) Short story collections
(615) Pool toys
--------- The Line of Truth --------
(-2) "Tron"
(-323) Inflatable hammers that squeak
(-481) Having a really good dream and waking up and kind of wishing you were back in the dream.
(-688) Ebullience
(-814) Washable fabric lunchbags
(-824) Candles shaped like the earth
(-843) Interplanet Janet
(-1082) Flavored Stoli
(-1096) The exclamation "Holy Hannah"
(-1102) Big silver belt buckles like everyone wears at rodeos


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