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If you're like many people, you read the comics not for the humorous antics, but for the profound moral and social lessons they teach. Johnny Hart knows this, and that's why "B.C." is soon going to abandon jokes all together and switch to a 100% moralizing format.

But as a busy person on the go, you may not have time to read the comics. How, then, to absorb the important cultural teachings ensconced therein? As a public service, we took a look at strips that were published on one recent day, and put together this handy guide to the lessons each taught:

Women are difficult to impress.
The Born Loser
That born loser guy sure is a born loser.
Eek & Meek
Politicians are sneaky.
Teenage boys have a misguided perception of romance.
Stick a busty woman in a strip, and you can get away with the same jokes for decades. (Also applies to "Blondie.")
Television is more interesting than homework.
Great Danes are very large dogs.
Frank and Ernest
It would be odd if Biblical characters talked about "El Niño." Plus, Bob Thaves can't be bothered to draw a tilde.
The homeless sure are uppity sometimes.
Women are wacky.
The Duplex
You can still get a lot of mileage out of ancient Greek paradoxes, if you apply them to modern situations.
[No discernible point.]
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