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After the Punchline

"No, no, I wish I could do that to myself."

"God, I'm sorry, Superman, I didn't mean it, I just--no, please, oh Christ no...AAAARGH!"

"I don't know. Maybe you put it in your vagina?"

"Well, I have to do that for my job, doctor, so I think a medical solution would be more appropriate."

"That's the Pope."

"No, no, we'd pay you."

"You know, if you drink two beers you technically haven't given up drinking."

"Wasn't it you in the gorilla suit? Oh my God, I'm--I think I'm going to be sick."

"That's one hard-of-hearing genie, all right. So, what'll you have?"

"No, no, replace it with another cat. Jesus, why are people so damn literal around here?"

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