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Which is Worse?

Some time ago, we ran a little poll-like thing to determine the greater of various sets of two evils. The results are below.

Kathy Lee (2018) is worse than
Regis (827)

William Shatner's Singing (2463) is worse than
William Shatner's Acting (389)

Really Baggy Pants (1522) are worse than
Backwards Baseball Caps (1318)

Jar Jar Binks (2428) is worse than
Ewoks (418)

Britney Spears (1786) is worse than
Christina Aguilera (1062)

Politicians (2216) are worse than
Lawyers (634)

Retro-80s (1546) is worse than
Retro-70s (1303)

Telemarketers (1901) are worse than
Spam (951)

Cathy (1658) is worse than
Marmaduke (1175)

Old Navy Ads (1717) are worse than
Gap Ads (1134)

Cell Phones while Driving (1514) are worse than
Cell Phones in Restaurants (1339)

Barney (1589) is worse than
Teletubbies (1266)

Movies based on Saturday Night Live Sketches (1783) are worse than
Movies based on Cartoons (1068)

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