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Summer Contest 2000

Okay, less-enlightened ones. This is your change to show The Critic up by picking the movies you, in your ignorance, think will hit the top ten this summer. To review the Critic's Picks, check out last week's summary. Then come right back here and fill out a form for a chance to win somewhat valuable merchandise!

Note: The form below lists every movie we think has any chance of ending up in the top ten. If one of your picks isn't on there, send your choices via e-mail to In any case, e-mail addresses will be used only to notify winners.











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Contest only counts money made from May 5th through September 6th (Labor Day). You score 10 points for getting a film in its exact place in the top, 8 points for one slot away, 6 for 2 slots away, etc. For example, if you said Navy Diver would be 3rd, and it ends up in 6th place, you'd get 4 points. If it's not on the Top Ten, though, it gets no points. Ties will be decided by random draw. The winner will receive a Brunching Shuttlecocks T-Shirt and a plastic Wolverine toy. Two runners-up will receive T-Shirts. One entry per person. No entries accepted after the end of 4 May 2000.

And may the most morally upright human being win! Just kidding.

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