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Academy Award Contest 2000

Last Week, I told you who was going to win 7 of the Oscars on Sunday, March 26th. Many of you doubt my choices, because you are sad and lame. Well, I scoff at thee! Scoff! Think you can do better? I'm gonna give you a chance to try.

But naturally, I'm gonna make it complicated.

There are 23 Categories. There used to be 24, but they combined a couple to shorten the show. (Yeah, that's gonna shorten it. They want a short show? Two words - NO RIVERDANCE!) I have divided them up into three sections. The first section includes what I consider the 8 AWARDS I REALLY CARE ABOUT. Those are worth 6 points each. Then there are 10 MILDLY INTERESTING AWARDS, worth 4 points each, and finally, the 5 little, AWARDS NOBODY REALLY CARES ABOUT, worth 1 point each. That's 93 points. I will also award 5 points if you correctly name the movie that wins the most awards. (In the case of a tie, if you've named one of the movies, you get the points.) Lastly, I will award 2 points if you praise me in your entry.

You have until end of day Saturday, March 25th (the Oscars are on Sunday). To win, you must do better than me; my predictions are marked with asterisks. Anyone who manages to out-guess me will go into a pool from which a three random winners will be selected and will get a free Brunching Shuttlecocks T-Shirt. Or, if you already have a B.S. T-shirt, I'll send you a random T-shirt that I picked up from one of the Internet Trade Shows. They kick some serious ass! The person who scores the highest wins a T-shirt and a DVD of an animated feature that's not from Disney but wants you to think it is (Like "Aladdin and the Genie" or something). That means if I'm the highest, I get to keep it. Hah.

Good luck my friends. Together, we shall overcome.


Best Picture:

Best Director:

Best Actor:

Best Actress:

Best Supporting Actor:

Best Supporting Actress:

Best Original Screenplay:

Best Adapted Screenplay:


Best Art Direction:

Best Cinematography:

Best Costume Design:

Best Film Editing:

Best Make-up:

Best Original Score:

Best Original Song:

Best Sound:

Best Sound Effects:

Best Visual Effects:


Best Foreign Film:

Best Documentary Feature:

Best Documentary Short:

Best Live-Action Short:

Best Animated Short:


COMMENTS (2 points if you praise the Self-Made Critic)

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E-mail addresses will only be used to notify winners and will not be shared or used for any other purpose. In case of ties for first place, a winner will be chosen randomly. (But remember, you have to beat the Critic to be eligible, not tie him.) If something goes awry, we reserve the right to pick a winner by any method we choose. One entry per person: extra entries will result in disqualification. Void, as they say, where prohibited.

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