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On Ice

The only thing better than a Disney movie is a Disney movie performed live -- on ice! For years, Disney classics like "The Little Mermaid", "Aladdin", and "The Lion King" have been adapted for live performance and toured ice hockey stadiums in every major city, thrilling audiences across the nation! The success of shows on ice has been so resounding that plans are in the works to adapt other classic movies to the frozen stage:

High Noon on Ice!

Frank Miller and his henchmen have vowed to take revenge on Sheriff Will Kane the day they get out of prison. And that day is today!

The scoreboard clock counts down the number of penalty minutes left till the Miller gang is released from the penalty box. Kane gets no help from the cowardly townspeople and so must fight this battle shorthanded! Starring skating legend Scott Hamilton, with notorious defenseman Ulf Samuelson as Frank Miller.

Twister on Ice!

A giant tornado has sucked up everything in its path! Houses, trucks, cows, sheep, and weather scientists Dr. Jo Harding and her unhappy husband Bill are spinning inside the rink-sized funnel cloud, unable to escape. Can Jo get her scientific instruments into the center of the tornado and learn how to stop it in time to save her marriage without getting crushed by the debris accumulating in the tornado?! Renowned performers Kristi Yamaguchi and Todd Eldridge lead a cast of high-endurance skaters in this dizzying non-stop action adventure. With original score by Philip Glass ("The Truman Show"), and skating livestock by Jim Henson Productions.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf on Ice!

A new couple in town pays a neighborly visit to the professor and his wife, but they get more than they bargained for! Put together the elegance of ice dancing with the bone-crunching action of hockey and you've got a confusing, mysterious, delightful, perfectly typical night with the irrepressible George and Martha! Starring Olympic gold medalists Torvill & Dean in an unforgettable tour de force. Free highball glass with built-in crazy straw for all kids twelve and under.

Disney's THX 1138 on Ice!

Imagine a computerized future where people are treated like cattle, herded around a rink, unforgiving plexiglas boards preventing escape, their minds numbed by the echoing voice of the public address system. "Don't be different." "Work instead of play." "Do as you're told."

In such a world, one man, THX 1138, dares to revolt. Thrill as he skates nimbly through masses of people, past faceless robot policemen, and around the Zamboni as it attempts to steamroll him right into the ice! Help THX 1138 escape into the stands so he can shed his skates and become a free man! With outrageous skating sensation Elvis Stojko in the title role. All proceeds to the Littlest Citizens Foundation.

Twelve Angry Men on Ice!

Here they come, girls! Today's hottest dozen up-and-coming male amateur skaters perform routines they choreographed themselves! Imagine a jury locked in a room, charged with deciding the fate of a young man on trial for the murder of his own father. Each juror, in trying to understand the evidence, can't help but reveal his own poignant personal story in interpretive dance and the music of Celine Dion, Puff Daddy, Bach, Hanson, and others. This open-and-shut case is more complicated than they thought! And you, the audience, decide what the verdict will be! All profits to AIDS Noise 2000. (Half-pipe, bungee harness, and Tesla thunder zeppelin courtesy SKG Dreamworks/Unicorn Productions.)

Ben Hur on Ice!

The rink is tranformed into a Roman coliseum in this epic saga of a man of Judea, wrongly accused, struggling against imperial power and prejudice in the time of Christ. Thrill as the chariot race roars around the rink, just feet away from the audience! Weep as Jesus of Nazareth is forced by his captors to carry a wooden cross, his bare feet slipping on the unforgiving ice! Witness Ben Hur redeemed by the power of faith in a laser light show you don't want to miss!

Starring Olympian Brian Boitano as Judah Ben Hur, and the Detroit Redwings as the Gladiators. With original music by Carol Cameo ("Greenspan!").

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