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Me, Myself & Irene

Me, Myself and Irene is a very funny movie. The twisted minds that brought us There's Something About Mary have re-teamed with zany Canadian Jim Carrey to bring us a wacky story about a Rhode Island police officer with a split personality that manifests itself as a very mean, uncouth sort of person. Carrey is the perfect actor to bring this quick-change act to life, slipping easily from gentle Charlie to mental, NRA-loving Hank, and Renee Zellweger, as Irene - the woman both personalities fall in love with - is the perfect foil against Carrey's antics.

Me, Myself and Irene sucked. It was crude, lame, and stupid. Jim Carrey hams it up more than a non-Kosher Easter dinner. Carrey's personality changes are about as invisible as a drunk frat boy wearing a lamp shade, and we only know he's flipped when he starts talking like a cross between Dirty Harry and Marlene Dietrich. Meanwhile, Renee Zellweger wilts her way through the movie with about as much realism as an episode of The Land of the Lost.

As Carrey leaps from sweet Charlie to deranged Hank, we find ourselves thinking about the Hank in all of us. We all hold repressed rage within ourselves. Most of us have, at one time or another, dreamed of doing half the things Hank does on the screen; letting our true feelings known, and doing something about them. Carrey understands this, and gives us a chance to live vicariously through him for a few fleeting moments of mayhem.

I wanted to hurl every time Jim Carrey's eyes would narrow, signaling one of his amazing 'changes.' With every emotional flicker, you could see why the Oscars never bothered to nominate the guy for either of his "Hey, I'm a serious actor, Damnit!" cry-baby roles. You can find more acting talent in a Southeast Asian sweat shop than you'll find in Jim Carrey.

The true joy of Me, Myself and Irene is in watching just how far Jim Carrey and The Farrelly Brothers will dare to push the envelope. And believe you me, they do some serious pushing! From triple-X breast feeding to inverse bestiality to angry midgets, the films makes you laugh at some of the most outrageous sights you will ever see on screen, or ever want to!

The Farrelly Brothers manage to insult and offend everybody on the Earth in this one. I mean I thought that Mary flick had some sick junk in there but this one! They seem to have a fixation with things going in and out of people's asses, and it really ain't pretty. I'm sure their next film will feature incest, cattle mutilation and rape.

But this film isn't a one-gag film. Excellent performances are turned in from Anthony Anderson, Mongo Brownlee and Jerod Mixon as Carrey's African-American children, Robert Forster as Carrey's boss and Michael Bowman as an albino waiter named Casper. Everyone has a moment or two, and everyone shines. This is truly a very funny film, leave it to the Farrellys to make us laugh again.

This is the lowest form of humor you can imagine. Need a laugh? Grab a dildo! Story? Plot? Character? Who needs 'em! We've got Jim "My Ass is worth $20 million" Carrey! I've seen more intelligence in a test tube. What have we done to Hollywood to deserve this treatment? Bottom-feeding festering wounds passing themselves off as movies that our kids want to see and emulate. Yeah, I want my kids to see this crap, I want them to learn that the way to a woman's heart is through a bottle of hard liquor, I want them to think it's funny to jump out of a moving car, I want them call everyone they meet "pussypants."

All told, I'm going to give Me, Myself and Irene 4-1/2 Babylons. I simply haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time.

This sucked! 1-1/2 Babylons, and only because of the scene where he pees with a hard-on.

Editor's Note:

You knew the SMC would try to tackly this review concept, didn't you? I mean, come on! He already beat it to death in his reviews of Sybil and All of Me - do you think he could get a little more original?

Me, Myself And Irene
Rated: R
Directed By: Bobby and Peter Farrelly
Starring: Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey, Renee Zellweger, Chris Cooper, Robert Forster and various freaks of nature.

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