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Fellow Humans, beware! There is a conspiracy afoot which affects each and every one of us to our very core and which will shock and frighten you to no end. YOU have been cataloged. YOU have been branded and listed in someone or something's atlas of civilization.

There is, deep within your very cells, a genetic CODE. What this CODE is, is anyone's guess, for no one has been able to completely decipher it. But every man, woman and child on this Earth has this CODE programmed into our bodies, and it is NEVER THE SAME CODE TWICE!!!

How is this possible? Obviously a superior race of beings has seeded this planet, with intent to harvest God knows what! That they will return to see the results of their intergalactic experiment is undeniable. Whether we will be able to overcome their hostile intent is the question of the hour. Are you prepared? Are any of us? Or will this hideous genetic CODE destroy our defenses before we've even begun to fight?

I, with the help of a few fellow dissidents, have begun work on removing this genetic CODE from our bodies. Our test results have, so far, been less than promising. But the problem is not going to go away! So save yourselves. Save your children. Fight the CODE within us all, before it's too late!!!!!

Paid for by the Council to Remove This Code Thing Before We Get Eaten By Huge Galactic Monsters With Acid Saliva and Fangs the Size of Your Arm or Something Equally Distressing.

Alien One

Alien Two

Alien Three

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