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Finally, someone tells it like it is.

After movies like Showgirls and Striptease glorified the stripping profession, someone finally had the guts to come out with a piece showing just how horrible the entire ordeal can be, especially to the people most often victimized by this terror -- the men.

Of course, the film is a foreign import from Britain, the subject being too hot for Hollywood to handle.

The brave film in question is The Full Monty, a gripping tale of six men in search of a Donna Summer song. And while the film finds humor in this evil, evil situation, it ultimately brings its characters through a roller-coaster of emotion to a final epiphany of resolution.

Plus, it's damn funny.

The story is this: Tired, worn down industrial British city. Steel mills closed, everyone out of work. Male strip review comes into town and cleans up. Local residents wonder why they can't put a strip review of their own together. Never mind that they are old, out of shape and can't dance.

Hence the comedy.

Folks, this movie is funny, funny, funny. We're talking roll on the floor laughing out loud, holding your sides because they're gonna burst funny. At least that's what I thought. As did most everyone in the theater. Tears were streaking down my face and I split my appendix wide open from the brutal and unrelenting attack of the comedy. I had to be swept away to a local hospital and made to listen to Elton John's "Candle in the Wind '97" again and again to bring me down.

On a serious note, this movie brought back some memories I would have rather forgot. My hedonistic youth spent on the stages and runways of various clubs is not something I'm proud of, but the money was good, and it made me feel a little bit sexy. I applaud the six brave souls in this movie who are not afraid of the backlash which is sure to come. One thing is sure, they will never strip in this town again.

Which is fine because their acting careers should be taking off any day now.

All told, The Full Monty gets 4 1/2 Babylons. Why? It's funny! Darn funny! Funny like the wind! Hollywood needs to let itself go and make funny movies like this one! Too often the American public is forced to endure unfunny comedies, cut to fit a mold. Break free! Be funny!

Editor's note:

Just the thought that The Self-Made Critic used to strip has kept me awake in fear for a week.

The Full Monty
Rated: R
Directed By: Who knows? Some British guy.
Starring: As if you've ever heard of any of these people. I mean, honestly!

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