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Detective Bong: Let me get this straight. The body was found in your living room, wearing your clothing, shot in the heart with a bullet from your gun, which was found next to the body with only your fingerprints on it, writing a note which said "Flip Flannagan is making me write this before he shoots me in the heart," which was then signed by both the victim and yourself. The police arrived on the scene, having been brought there by a 911 call placed from your house and made in your voice which stated "Please come over to my house, I just shot a man in the heart," to find you standing two feet away from the body, covered in the victim's blood.

Flip Flannagan: That's right.

Detective Bong: And you claim to have no knowledge of these proceedings.

Flip Flannagan: I was in Germany at the time.

Detective Bong: Three hours ago?

Flip Flannagan: That's right. I caught the supersonic back over here when I heard I'd been arrested.

Detective Bong: And how do you explain the blood on your clothing?

Flip Flannagan: What blood?

Detective Bong: The blood that is currently dripping from your blood-soaked shirt to the floor of this room.

Flip Flannagan: Wow! How'd that get there?

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