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Overheard Conversation in an Unnamed Movie Studio's Dining Commons:

"Wow, Titanic's number 1 again."

"Don't remind me! Every movie we release gets crushed by the damn thing!"

"Who knew it'd be so successful?"

"No one. I mean you just don't spend that kind of money on a film that doesn't even have a sequel!"

"It might."

"What? You're talking about 'Raise the Titanic'? Tried it years ago, bombed."

"No, no. Look, what's the big draw for Titanic? It's the boat, right? Sure the love story is touching and all that, but what are people coming back to see? The boat sink. Right?"

"I'm with you."

"Go deeper. What is this movie? It's the greatest disaster story of all time. We know disasters are popular, look at Twister."

"Where are you going with this?"

"What If I handed you next year's Titanic. Big love story, couple of young lookers to draw in the teens, all set on a huge man-made disaster. Based on a true story."

"What's it called?"


"I'm listening..."

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