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Christian Metal Band or Star Trek Episode?

Divine Right
"It all began back in 1984 when Kevin decided to write some songs." Your answer:
"In his role as Arbiter of Succession, Picard returns to the Klingon homeworld to oversee Gowron's installation as emperor." Your answer:
Heart of Glory
"Two rebel Klingons seek to enlist Worf to their cause." Your answer:
Edge of Forever
"Jon set out on his own to begin recording under the name of Edge of Forever to try and conduct business in a more Christ-like fashion" Your answer:
"We did the 'Weapons of our Warfare' video for MTV and that did twelve weeks in a row on the top three on Headbangers Ball back in '91." Your answer:
Vengeance Rising
"After the second album, the entire band [...] went on to form Die Happy." Your answer:
"The Enterprise attempts to rescue two Federation engineers lost on the late Tasha Yar's planet, Turkana IV." Your answer:
Angel One
"Searching for survivors from a freighter that's been missing for seven ears, the Enterprise visits the matriarchal planet Angel I and gets a frosty reception from its female leader." Your answer:
"apoie a guerra contra satan" Your answer:
The Survivors
"Answering a distress call from Delta Rana Iv, the Enterprise arrives to find the planet ravaged and its 11,000 colonists dead..." Your answer:
"Listening to the lyrics [...] is like being held down and tickled by your older brother." Your answer:
"The Enterprise reaches Boraal Two after Worf's foster brother Nikolai sends a distress signal. They find that the atmosphere is being wiped out by plasmonic reactions, and that the planet will be dead in less than 38 hours." Your answer:

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