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Background Chatter, Part 3

Overheard Conversation in a fancy New York French Bistro

"So tell me, is everyone in your office running around saying 'Welcome! You've Got Mail!' now?"

"Very funny."

"But seriously, how'd you make out in the merger?"

"Fine. Couple hundred million, maybe more."

"Damn. Nice bit of chump change. If you're getting that, I can only imagine what the big boys are pocketing. No wonder you let them buy you."

"Oh, it's not the money."


"Hell no. You should talk to them. They have a plan."

"A plan?"

"World domination."

"Excuse me?"

"Anyone and their grandmother can get rich with internet stocks. Money's no longer important. It's all about power."

"What, you're gonna buy the United States Government or something?"

"Nah. Way too big. You have any idea what it'd take to run something like that? 22 million subscribers is one thing, but try dealing with 250 million! But you've got the right idea. Just think a little smaller."

"I don't understand."

"Let's just say that this might be a really good idea to invest in Rwanda."

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