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I love Helen Hunt.

I always have.

Go ahead, go back into the archives and read my Twister review. In fact, let me quote it:

"Helen Hunt is the ultimate babe and I will never say anything bad about her. I love her. If she would have me, I'd be her love slave for all of eternity." (I really haven't changed much in almost two years, have I?)

And this time, they put her in a GOOD movie!

As Good As It Gets is not quite as good as it gets, but it IS up there. Helen and some old guy are the funniest couple to hit the screen since Kevin Sorbo and That Demon Witch in Kull the Conqueror. And there's a funny gay man in it too!

Here's the story. This old guy is a little wacked in the head. He is also rich. Why he's rich and begging on a street corner is beyond me, but he's rich. Helen Hunt, eternal Goddess of love, is this waitress who befriends him (as if he's worthy of her attention).

Then the old guy befriends a gay neighbor, played brilliantly by an old talk show host, and the three of them go away for a bit but never even come close to a three-some, which is great, and yet we still kinda see Helen Hunt naked, which is totally, totally great.

It's a tasteful naked, mind you. Nothing frontal. Just from behind, with a towel draped across her so you can really only see her exquisite back and when she slightly turns towards you...

Anyway, it's a good scene.

The performances are great. Helen is to die for, but that's a given. The old guy is pretty good too, as is the old talk show host, and the young black guy. The dog is also pretty good.

But what is this movie really about? Besides Helen Hunt? It's about the old guy and his mental illness. The old guy is this really horrible old man, and yet you find yourself laughing with him, you like him.

Or at least I did.

But then, I'm a very evil man.

However, this movie does have everything you need to make the perfect comedy.

A dog. A weak and dying child. A mentally ill character. A semi-naked Helen Hunt.

Can't really ask for anything more, can you?

Editor's Note:

Where to begin?

First, Mr. "I'm Such A Great Movie Critic" forgot to say how many Babylons the movie gets. What a putz. So that means I get to decide, and I say it gets 3-3/4. Ha.

Second, the "old guy" is Golden Globe winner Jack Nicholson. The "old talk show host" is Golden Globe Nominee Greg Kinnear. The "young black guy" is last year's Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. My name is Friday, I carry a badge.

As Good As It Gets
Rated: R
Directed By: James L. Brooks
Starring: Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, Helen Hunt, Cuba Gooding Jr., Helen Hunt and Helen Hunt.

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